African Grand Online Casino Exclusive Galactic Promotion

Get on this winning flying saucer to infinity and beyond! February is the month when we celebrate space and our amazing galaxy and African Grand Online Casino came up with an exclusive online casino promotion just for you. So come on and let’s discover a whole new UNIVERSE where winning is not alien and you won’t have time to call home as you’ll find a new winning one!

Shoot for the stars and explore our beautiful solar systems and all the amazing planets that come with BIG OFFERS unique to African Grand Online Casino.

Galaxy Tour

Let’s just say it – the MilkyWay is not ready to handle all these wins. As you’ll travel from planet to planet, you’ll come across bigger and better offers. By visiting African Grand Online Casino, you also get to visit Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and our new online slot – Pulsar Video Slot.

This is truly one of the best online casino promotion in South Africa as you not only get some exclusive online casino offers but you also get to travel the galaxy in search of some bigger wins.

Space Wins

Above all, our unique online casino promotion comes bearing with lots of amazing goodies such as big bonus offers, free spins and more. And who knows, maybe if you squint, you’ll see some little green people walking around…but no fear, they only bring big bonus offers with them.

So prepare yourself for some safe landings on some exquisite planets in our galaxy full of possibilities. Be our space cowboy and ride our flying saucer like a champ!

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