‘’They did the monster mash

The monster mash

It was a graveyard smash

It caught on in a flash”

This song is good, but not as chillingly good as the trio of creatures – Franky, Wolfie, and Vampirella – who are here for you to make fangtastic winning memories on a 5X3 grid.

Experience MONSTER WINS with this:


With A R100 Deposit



They’ve got it, and are haunting it! By turning 20 lines into a killer 60 lines by expanding the reels. But, you first have to find these creatures on the reels to unlock this feature and raise your spirits. 

It’s alive. It’s alliiivvveeeee… It’s Franky trudging towards you and shifting the reels for shockingly good jackpots!

You can also ghoul the whole way and have a howling good time with extra wilds, up to 10 Free Spins, and multipliers that vamp up your gameplay.

Frank-tastic times are now here as you sit on the edge-of-your-seat hunting down those wins that definitely don’t suck!

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