Mobile Access Instead of a Real Money Casino App

A real money casino app is often offered by certain online operators, but African Grand has always been a fan of the road less travelled, so we’ve decided to forego that route. These software packages can be bulky, and space is at a premium on smartphones and tablets so we set to work optimising our online site instead.

This means that our kif catalogue of RealTime Gaming games will unfold flawlessly on your handset and you don’t need to worry about lags or freezing. Our state-of-the-art SSL Security protocols are in place to protect you on the go and banking is easy and safe.

Primed for Mobile Casino, Without a Casino App

Even the best real money casino apps generally don’t have the site’s full games catalogue available, but that’s not an issue at African Grand. The same hundreds of slots, table game, and speciality real money entertainment you can view when you’re sitting with your mobile phone and signed into your account. The same is true when you’re out and about, as well. Think of us as your private casino, ready and waiting whenever you’re in the mood to play!

The real money casino apps South Africa offers also pose a problem for players who live in shared households and are not the only ones to use their mobiles. If your kid is using your smartphone or tablet for any reason, this could present a security problem when it comes to your African Grand account, for example. Even the real money casino apps have their downsides!

Playing mobile casino games at the optimised African Grand website is totally safe, on the other hand. You must know the site address and fill in your unique username and password to access your account. This means that leaving your mobile handset unattended at home isn’t a potential security risk that you need to worry about.

Stay Safe When You’re Playing On Your Mobile

Even the best casino apps don’t beat the ease and convenience of playing directly at the African Grand online website. It’s also pretty easy to stay safe and secure when you’re playing this way instead of using gambling apps:

  • Put some time and thought into the creation of your username and password. They will need to be unique to you and they should be easy for you to memorise but tough for anyone else to figure out.
  • When you’re not playing, close the African Grand Casino tab. This will make it difficult for anyone other than you to even know about your account with us!
  • We usually advise our players to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks if possible. If this is unavoidable, educate yourself about what you need to do to maintain your privacy and security.

We’re boppin’, bra, and who has the time to sit down at a desktop computer for uninterrupted hours of play? Make the best use of your free time with our optimised mobile site, no gambling apps required, and win big while you’re watching TV at home, are on the bus, or while you’re waiting for someone to arrive.

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