Amazing Roulette Online at African Grand Casino

African Grand is a proudly South African casino games platform that has been serving up top class Roulette online since we opened our virtual doors back in 2009. The online Roulette South Africa games you play here undergo stringent testing processes and are guaranteed fair. With possible payouts calculated at odds of 35:1, the winning potential is massive in this luck-based game.

Online Roulette Game Terminology

Becoming a player at the best online Roulette casino for South Africa, you’ll have to learn a few unfamiliar phrases. But it’s easier to grasp online Roulette game terminology than you may think.

  • Outside Bets

This is the best online Roulette casino group of bets for beginners because they’re easier to win. Predict whether the ball will end up in a Red pocket or a Black one with this group of wagers. Also, if the pocket’s number will be Odd or Even. Then, wager on a Column of numbers as per the table layout. A Dozens bet is also possible, wherein you wager on the ball landing on one of the numbers making up the three groups of 12 numbers that the 36-pocketed wheel is divided into.

  • Inside Bets

When it comes to online Roulette games, Inside Bets are where the big money lies. They’re more difficult to win too as, they’re made on specific numbers or combinations of these. It include the Straight Up bet, one on a single number, and the Split wager, which covers numbers adjacent on the table. The Street bet covers three numbers, the Square four as per the layout, and then there’s the Corner wager. The Four-Number bet is exclusive to the European variant.

African Grand Online Roulette Tips

Over the hundreds of years that players have been enjoying The King of Casino Games, it should come as no surprise that various options as to Roulette strategy have emerged. Though this game is one based entirely on luck, many players’ favourite online Roulette tips include experimenting with betting strategies until you find one that works for you. Ours are:

  • Perhaps our most important online Roulette tip is that you should create a betting budget before you begin wagering of any kind of African Grand. Work out how much you can reasonably afford to lose over any given time period and then make it your mission to never bet a single cent more.
  • When it comes to Roulette strategy, this pertains to methods of wagering. Popular betting schemes include the Martingale, the Fibonacci, the D’Alembert, focussing primarily on Inside Bets or Outside Bets, and the James Bond.
  • Our final online Roulette tip is to not over fixate on the outcome of your games.

Enjoy the whole exciting process and treat wins as the crazy surprises they are, and you’ll have a good time no matter what happens when you’re at African Grand Casino!

Roulette Variations

When you play Roulette online, you’ll be able to decide between different variations. Many players choose not to play real money Roulette at all if the only variant available is the American one because the house edge for this version of The Devil’s Game is so high, at 5.26%. Most people prefer the European take on this game because the bet options are easy to get a handle on. Also, the house edge is a more-than-reasonable 2.6%.

Another reason so many players prefer to play Roulette online in the form of the European variant is that this game offers a few extra wagering options. This is Called Bets, which cover big sections of the wheel, sometimes as many as 17! Although you would be able to place these wagers by announcing them to the croupier in a Live Dealer game, when you play real money Roulette against RNG software as is the case at African Grand, the software will give you the option to do so manually.

The quality of RealTime Gaming’s software will transform your experience when you play Roulette online. With European variant betting options laid out on your screen so that you can view them at all times. This means that making your choice and changing your mind is stress-free!

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