Brilliant Online Keno Games at African Grand

The online Keno games we have available at African Grand Casino are from RealTime Gaming. With provably fair outcomes because of frequent independent testing done by third party organisations. You can relax in the knowledge that our games are always fair.

African Grand has been the no. 1 choice for Saffas since 2019 and our Curaçao licence assures the quality of our real money casino games. The high standard of our customer care, the safety and security of our site, the promptness of our payouts, and the overall excellent services we provide. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Playing Online Keno for Real Money

Whether you’re new to playing online Keno for real money or have experience with the game, you’ll find it incredibly easy to enjoy it here at African Grand Casino. There are many benefits to look forward to when you play Keno online at our site, whether you’re using your desktop to do so or are taking advantage of mobile access on your smartphone or tablet.

Online Keno for real money games unfold quickly, so you’ll be able to fit one or two in whenever you find a spare moment during your day or night. It’s a major advantage to be able to speed up the time you spend waiting in queues and sitting through the seemingly endless blocks of ads when you’re chilling at home in your pozzie watching TV.

When you start to play Keno online you’ll also be in the running for some potentially hefty payouts. Returns for real money games are calculated by factoring in how many numbers you correctly predicted would be drawn and how much you wagered, so these sums can get big quick!

It’s also fun to spend some time playing a game that doesn’t require your knowledge of a complicated set of rules or for you to cunningly apply well-practised strategy to win.

Tips for Playing Keno Games

Online Keno games, like Roulette and slots, are dependent totally on your ability to hit a luck. You do not need to memorise hand rankings like you would have to in Poker and Blackjack and there’s no strategy to implement. But to consistently enjoy the best Keno games, there are certain things you can do:

  • Set up a betting budget right from the word Go detailing what money you have available to risk losing. That way you know exactly when to say hokaai stop die lorrie on playing online Keno games or anything else at Grand Casino.
  • Some players swear that the best Keno game strategy is to consistently play the same set of numbers.
  • Check the payout chart before you play online Keno games, too. You need to know exactly what to expect when it comes to returns and this is the only way to do it.

When it comes down to it, the best Keno game plan is to ensure you’re having fun playing, so try not to get too obsessed about how the game goes. It’s lekker to win, but you need to have a good time getting there too, otherwise all the time you spend at African Grand Casino is going to be helluva stressful and no one wants that.

Online Keno Terminology

As with most real money casino games, before you play Keno online you’ll have to know what a few possibly unfamiliar words and phrases mean. Luckily these are not tough to learn:

  • All or Nothing

A form of betting in this game wherein you will wager on the whole ticket and all the numbers must be drawn for you to see a return. Even if you’re missing just one, no payout will be made.

  • Caller

There’s no Caller in online Keno South Africa games. The person announcing the numbers drawn has been replaced by Random Number Generator software that displays the results on your screen.

  • Catch

When you play Keno, a number on your ticket becomes a Catch if it ends up being drawn by the RNG software.

  • Combination Tickets

Single tickets that have several different bets on them.

  • Edge Tickets

Tickets with the 32 numbers along their outer edge marked off.

  • Flashboard

When you play Keno, a virtual flashboard will display the winning numbers.

  • Punch Outs

In land-based games, you’d find sheets filled with statistics from previous games, with the winning numbers Punched Out so you could read them more easily. Online Keno South Africa games have loading screens instead.

Let’s get your lucky numbers working for you when you play Keno online today!

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