Top Blackjack Online Games at African Grand Casino

The Blackjack online variations available at African Grand Casino are about as lekker as a Sunday braai and potentially far more profitable! As great as looking forward to perfectly done chops and boerewors is, getting a bankroll boost that will have you laughing all the way to the bank is infinitely better.

You don’t have to choose between these two options, however. African Grand Casino Blackjack online games can be played using your desktop, smartphone, and tablet. It’s more than possible for you to kill two birds with one stone. Beat the dealer to 21 at the braai!

Online Blackjack South Africa Variations

When you play Blackjack online at African Grand Casino, there’s more than one way to get to 21.

The online Blackjack South Africa options at African Grand Casino include:

  • Blackjack – The regular Blackjack variation that you can expect to play in any casino setting, both online and in a land-based casino.
  • Blackjack + Perfect Pairs – What sets Blackjack + Perfect Pairs apart is an optional bet that your first two cards will be a Pair. If it’s the same suit, you’ll be paid out at 25:1, if it’s the same colour you’ll collect at 12:1, and a Mixed Pair, red and black, will net you returns at 6:1.
  • Suit ‘Em Up™ Blackjack – Make the wager and if you’re dealt a Pair of Suited Aces when you play Blackjack online this way, you’ll get returns calculated at 60:1. Suited Blackjack has odds of 10:1, Any Other Pair 5:1, a Suited 11-Point Total 3:1, and Any Other Suited Hand 2:1.

All powered by RealTime Gaming. Each variation has its own special flavour to add to the mix, but if you know how to play the OG version of 21 in our traditional Blackjack game, you’ll be more than capable of handling yourself with the other two versions.

Top Online Blackjack Tips

The African Grand team is happy to offer our players online Blackjack tips. While we’re not guaranteeing that any of our advice will work every time, we’re pretty sure some of our hints will work some of the time!

  • Manage your bankroll.

Work out how much you can comfortably afford to lose over any period of time and then make sure you never wager one cent more than this.

  • Know when to Hit/Stand/Double Down/Split

The best plan to check this item off your 21 To-Do List is to make careful study of Blackjack strategy. Read as much as you can about it and remember, you’re playing online, so you could go so far as to print out a copy and keep it next to you when you’re signed into your African Grand Casino account and playing!

This is really the only way to use each hand effectively.

  • Read the game rules.

Although the differences between one variation and another are subtle, they’re definitely there. So, our final online Blackjack tip is that you go through the rules of whichever one you’ve decided to play with a fine-toothed comb.

Online Blackjack Game Terminology

Online Blackjack games are so popular because the rules are very easy to learn:

  • The cards 2 through 10 are taken at face value.
  • Picture cards are worth 10 points each.
  • Aces can count for one or 11 points, whichever you need to get to 21.

Figuring out when to Hit, take another card, or Stand, refuse any more, is also made much easier because of Basic Strategy. Invented by four gifted mathematicians in the 1950s, this scheme offers detailed instructions on what to do with every possible combination of cards. Using it brings even the best online Blackjack casino’s, AKA African Grand, odds down from an already low 1.5% to just 0.5%.

Other online Blackjack game information you’ll need is the meaning of:

  • Blackjack

Refers to the name of the game but also the best possible hand, an Ace and 10-point card dealt in the first round.

  • Bust

If you exceed 21 points or finish your bankroll, you Bust.

  • Double Up

You may have the option to multiply your original bet by two if the first cards you’re dealt seem promising.

  • Split

If the first two cards dealt you are worth the same then you may be able to Split them, playing them as separate hands going forward.

Take your time with Blackjack and have a jol. Remember, as good as winning is, the point of pleasure should be in the playing itself.

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