Excellent Video Poker Games at African Grand

African Grand was developed specifically for Saffas and we like to think of ourselves as good as a hot afternoon braai and a cold beer! Our site hosts a premium collection of some of the most fabulous Video Poker and other excellent casino games by RealTime Gaming.

As great as Poker is, it can be tough to find the time to sit down for a possibly drawn-out playing experience. Video Poker removes this obstacle, combining the fast, exciting action of slots with the strategy know-how you need in the card game.

Easy Video Poker Strategy

The Video Poker strategy that you bring to the virtual table needs to take into account that these games are based on Five-Card Draw. Your tactics will also need to be adjusted depending on which of our variations you plan to enjoy when you play Video Poker online at African Grand Casino.

Your options here include:

  • Aces & Eights,
  • Bonus Deuces,
  • Deuces Wild,
  • Double Double Joker Poker,
  • Jacks or Better,
  • Loose Deuces, and
  • Sevens Wild, to name just a few.

A vital part of your strategy needs to be reading the rules for whichever game you’ve chosen thoroughly. You need to know what hands the minimum ranking for a payout are and what you need to focus on building when you play Video Poker online. Make reading through the paytable part of your playing ritual, for these games and all the other exciting options at African Grand!

Naturally your strategy needs to include the fact that you know Five-Card Draw like the back of your hand. Memorise the hand rankings for Poker too or print out a sheet that contains this information and keep it alongside you while you’re playing.

How to Play Video Poker

If you already know how to handle yourself at a Five-Card Draw table, you won’t need to devote too much of your spare time to learning how to play Video Poker. Although Video Poker online games are specifically based on Five-Card Draw, if you know any kind of Poker, you’ll find it easy to learn how to play this electronic hybrid.

The first thing you’ll need to do when you’re learning how to play Video Poker is remember that practice makes perfect, and the best way to improve your returns is to play as often as you can.

This game is fast paced, making them a wonderful option if you’ve found yourself with a few spare moments during your day or night. Log in to your African Grand Casino account and check your bankroll to make sure you’ve got enough money for betting. Don’t forget to take advantage of whatever promotions you’re eligible for and then navigate to the Video Poker section of our site.

Choose a variation and decide how much you’re going to be betting. Press Deal and you’ll get five cards. Decide on which to hold on to and which to discard, press Deal again to get your replacements, and if you’ve managed to create a ranked hand you’ll win!

Real Money Tips and Tricks

This game doesn’t take a huge amount of time to play. Games are also not governed purely by luck the way Bingo, European Roulette, Keno, Scratch Cards, and slots are. There is a lot you can do to affect the outcome of a Video Poker real money game:

  • Always play the Max Bet option if your budget allows you to do so. The difference in payouts for a Royal Flush in online Video Poker with the Max Bet wagering option active and without it is enormous and you want to be on the right side of that!
  • Stick to whatever betting budget you’ve created for yourself religiously.
  • Always read the Video Poker real money paytable before you start playing. This is where you’ll find all the information on which hands you’re looking for and which ones pay out what.

We also like to remind our players that with any game at African Grand Casino, remember to have fun. The fast-paced action and excitement that are part of every game are where it’s at. As nice as winning a real money game can be, pinning all your hopes on that outcome will make for a frustrating time! Enjoy the ride.

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