Guess Who Won Shopping Vouchers with African Grand Casino?

WOW! Just wow for those Shopping Vouchers at African Grand Casino. We have our final 5 winners and they are all dishing what they are going to do with the R10,000 Shopping Voucher. Keep reading to know what they plan to splurge on with their Shopping cash vouchers. 

The Shopping Voucher promotion was designed to fit our new online jackpot slot at African Grand Casino, Shopping Spree 2 Video Slot. Since its launch, the new online slot machine has already made a lot of winners and is definitely one of the hottest online slots at African Grand Casino at the moment.

Winners of Shopping Vouchers

The 5 winners of the Shopping Vouchers are super excited to splurge on some amazing things with their shopping vouchers from African Grand Casino. Here is a look on what they told us:

Adam08: He has been planning to make some home improvements for a while and he said that this cash will help him to do so. 

KingWin96: He told us that since he has not been able to buy a proper gift for his mom on Mother’s Day, he will seize this opportunity to buy her a new flat-screen television to thank her for all her efforts she made which made it possible for him to go to college.

StefG7: She is actually not sure what she is going to do yet – she does have some ideas but she hasn’t made her final choice but she does love cooking so we will see.

Tom02: As for Tom, he is planning to extend his Stars Wars collection by buying more limited edition collectibles. He told us that he can’t wait to stack them all on his Star Wars’ shrine.

Ariel1: She is over the moon with this win. She will most likely save it for the future but she is delighted because she can finally spoil her hubby!

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