The Best Slots of 2020!

The African Grand Online Slots Awards was a really great experience. We want to firstly thank you all for all your votes and the amazing support you’ve shown to our range of online slot games. The results may not turn out how you would expect (at least it didn’t for us) but it’s a good surprise.

But before we announce the best online slots of 2020, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this year’s African Grand Online Slots Awards.

Highlights of Slots Awards

1st February (Best Submarine Slot) – Hopefully, no one got lost at sea trying to cast their votes and we must say it was a good sailing day (1134 votes in total).

2nd February (Best Shimmering Slot) – We love everything that shines and glitters and so does our online casino players as the votes showed (a whopping 2876 in total).

3rd February (Best Spooky Slot) – Spells were cast and bats were let loose but the winner took (with 3421 votes in total).

4th February (Best Christmas Slot) – Gifts kept rolling and Santa won the day – enough said (3277 votes in total).

5th February (Best Jackie Slot) – Jackie Chan always got the best moves and won the day with both slots to be honest (5476 votes in total).

6th February (Best Fairy Slot) – Fairies got wings and our votes flew high on that day with 2356 in total.

7th February (Best Chicken Slot) – It was the battle of the century and we must admit – someone definitely got to a better end (2546 votes in total).

8th February (Best Slot Sequel) – Everyone loved the sequels, especially when you got 2 of the hottest online slot sequels in the category (4321 votes in total).

9th February (Best Slot of the Year) – The lightning lords were up against the Asgardians on that day and they both garnered a total of 3456 votes in total.

Best Online Slots of 2020

And here it is – the long-awaited winners reveal for the first edition of the African Grand Online Slots Awards:

Best Sub-Marine Slot – Scuba Fishing Video Slot
Best Shimmering Slot – Plentiful Treasures Video Slot
Best Spooky Slot – Bubble Bubble 2 Video Slot
Best Christmas Slot – Rudolph Awakens Video Slot
Best Jackie Slot – Eagle Shadow Fist Video Slot
Best Fairy Slot – Enchanted Garden 2 Video Slot
Best Chicken Slot – Kung Fu Rooster Video Slot
Best Slot Sequel – Cash Bandits 2 Video Slot
Best Slot of the Year – Asgard Video Slot

A big congratulations to all the winners but we must admit that all of our online slot games are the best and they all deserve to win an award. Enjoy our amazing online slot machines and stay tuned for the next slots awards at African Grand Online Casino. Cheers!

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